(1) This section is based on (Oser 1963) and (Kang and Palmer 1958). Oser's The Evolution of Economic Thought is one of the best short histories of economic thought in print.

(2) I rely on Gunter Krumme for this statement (Krumme 1968).

(3) My favorite source for this logic is the dominant book on input-output models of the 1960Ős (Chenery and Clark 1959). It contains almost all we needed until the advent of commodity-by-industry accounts. I recommend it.

(4) This appendix is based on a paper presented at the North American meetings of the Regional Science Association in 1990.

(5) The notation and derivation of the tables presented follow the System of National Accounts recommended by the United Nations. See: A System of National Accounts Studies in Methods, Series F No. 2 Rev. 3, United Nations, New York, 1968; also, Stone, R., Bacharach, M. and Bates, J., "Input-Output Relationships, 1951-1966," Programme for Growth, Volume 3, London, Chapman and Hall, 1963.

(6) Tables are prepared at the detailed and summary levels of aggregation. For the summary tables, the adjustments for secondary production were made at the detailed level, then aggregated before calculation of the total requirements tables.